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Letter X Wednesday

Good morning Perky Pelicans,

Start and end each day with a prayer.

Practice writing the letter Xx

Draw and color a xylophone today. Don't forget the 2 mallets that are used with the xylophone.

Count the cabinet doors in your kitchen.

How many are there? Make a tally mark count sheet. Remember, 1,2,3,4, cross through makes a set of 5. When your done count by fives. How many do you have? Do you have all groups of 5, or a few extras? Count those too.

National holidays today are:

Dance day

Guide dog day

Shrimp scampi day

Zipper day

Denim day

Can you zip your own clothes? Try to zip your pants all by yourself. Ask mom to get out a jacket that zips, put it on and practice. It may be difficult at first but don't give up. If you do you'll never zip alone . Keep trying, you'll get it.

Are your pants denim? Do you know what denim is? What's another name for denim? Do you have any clothing made of denim?

What's a guide dog?

Some people who are being use these animals to help get them from place to place. They are specially trained and care for their owners their entire life.

Do you remember the sign for dog? Show your family if you do.

At rest watch a video or show on guide dogs. Remember one thing about the show and share it with your stsy home crew at supper.

After rest have a dance party with your family. Pick your favorite songs and dance all around the room. Send a video to your grandparents, they will love it.

When the sun and moon change places, go outside, look at the moon and make an entry in your moon journal. Has it changed yet?

Don't forget to do a little exercise each day. Bend and stretch and 10 jumping jacks will be good. Always take your cleansing breaths before and after your exercises.

Have a great day boys and girls. Your getting so clise to being kindergartens! Keep practicing those kindergarten readiness skills by using a good pencil grip, writing and recognizing your name. Cutting, only with an adult present.

Practice counting as high as you can and counting on. (put a number in your head, then count on) think number 5, now count on from 5 to 10. Pick different numbers and count as high as you can.

I miss you all more each day. Till we meet again. Love, mrs. Charlotte

Do you like shrimp? I do. Have shrimp scampi for supper. If you don't have shrimp, just have the scampi, buttered pasta

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