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Good Afternoon Perky Pelicans,

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

Today is

- National kindergarten day

- Bulldogs are beautiful day

- Tiradentes day

- Big word day

- Keep off the grass day

- National chocolate

covered cashews day

- National tea day

- Thank you for libraries day

- Tuna rights day

- World creativity and

innovation day

Today is a big day for those future kindergarten boys and girls. Spend today sharpening those kindergarten skills and practice kindergarten readiness. Such as, writing your name, saying your abc's and recognizing them. Recognizing numbers, shapes and colors. Top to bottom lines and a 2 finger space.

Draw and color a picture of a 🐕. Do you have a dog or a pet? What pet do you have? Is your pet THE BEST? Do you know what a bull dog looks like? Do you think the bull dog is beautiful?

Tiradentes day? Hmmm, whats that? Google it, you will be surprised.

Use your words wisely and talk like big girls and boys. Its important to learn new words. You'll need them in kindergarten.

Go outside and do some bends and stretches. But stay off the grass.

Read a good book and keep looking for those Ww's after reading. Thank your stay home adults for your home library. If you've got 5 or more books, you've got a library. Organize it and be gentle with your books. Both hard cover and paperback. Review the parts of a book and the author and illustrators jobs. Do a picture book report on your book of the day.

For lunch have a tuna sandwich tea party. If tuna is yucky for you, just have a tea party lunch. Invite everyone of your stay home crew to join. Have nice a time AND no burping game. This is fine dining and you should act like ladies and gentlemen for this meal.

At rest today watch a movie that begins with the letter Ww or a video about a walrus.

Be creative today. If you have Legos build a city. Make a village or zoo with your stuffed animals. Create a game : ball up some tin foil, put out plastic bowls or cups and toss the tin foil balls into the cups or bowls.

Blow up a balloon, get a big tupperware bowl, toss the balloon up and try to catch it into the bowl. Or ... blow up a balloon for each of your stay home crew. Go outside and see who can keep the balloon from touching the ground the longest. This can also be done inside as well, nut be careful don't break anything.

If you have a Wii, play an exercise game with your family.

Parents remember, rest time is as important for you and your Perky Pelicans. Take these 2 hours for you. Watch a show, read a book or take a nap.

I do hope these daily messages are helpful. Know I am thinking of each and everyone of you and can not wait to see you and your children again.

Pray daily, say one for me and ill say one for you

Always always be kind with your words and actions.

I miss you 💗

Mrs. Charlotte

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