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Perky Pelicans Learning at Home 4/16/2020

Good morning Perky Pelicans!

Today is National mushroom day, four squares day, national bean counter day, national eggs Benedict day, national high five day, national librarian day, national orchid day, national stress awareness day(this one is for mom and dad), national wear your pajamas to work day, national save the elephants day, national egg salad week, national green week and world hula week.

So today lets ...

Stay in your pajamas all day and make sure your adults do the same. Remember it's national wear your pajamas to work day for everybody.

Start with breakfast, what are eggs Benedict? Can we prepare them at home? Ask an adult if you can try, if not make egg salad with those Easter eggs and have that instead.

Do you like mushrooms? Yuk! I do not; but, what are they, how and where do they grow? Are they REALLY a fungus? see what you can find out.

Read a book with your stay at home crew and find the letters Ww, Xx, Yy and Zz in the book when your finished reading.

Tell everyone the parts of a book. Front, back, spine. Is it hard cover or paper back. What are the author and illustrators jobs? Is it fact or fiction? Did you like the story?

At rest today watch a video about Elephants and the places they live. What are some elephant facts? How big do they get, how big is a baby elephant when it's born? How do they drink water?

Draw a picture of an orchid or a flower. What color are orchids? Do they have a fragrance?

Count squares in your house. How many are there? What room had the most squares?

Does mom have dried beans in the house? If she does open the bag and count 100 beans. Separate then into groups of 5. Count by five to reach 100.

Plant a bean in a cup of dirt, put it in the sun outside, water it daily to keep the soil moist. Keep a bean picture journal to record its growth. Watch your pencil grip when drawing and fill in with color when drawing is complete.

Go outside with an adult and look around, what do you see? Do you see something green? How many green things do you see? Is green your favorite color?

Do you remember the Hula Mula dance? If you do, teach your stay at home crew the hula mula and do it together.

Give high fives and thank your crew for being together, taking care of everything and keeping you safe.

If you know a nurse, call and thank them for their unwavering selfless work they are doing to comfort and care for others. Call a hospital and send a thank you shout out to all the nursing staff. They need to know we appreciate their sacrifices.

Adult stay home crew members, remember to take time for yourself. Give each other a break. Sit alone. It's ok to want to get away from those balls of energy. Take a break, a nap, a walk or a phone call with your best friend. Recharge and return with an upbeat smile ready to tackle the next energetic activity those tiny quarantine buddy's surprise you with.

Pray every day, I'll say one for you, you say one for me and always always be kind with your words and actions.

Till we meet again

Love Always,

Mrs. Charlotte

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