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Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Perky Pelicans.

Today is :

- Earth Day

- National Jelly Bean Day

- Administration Professionals Day

- In God We Trust Day

- April Showers Day

Start the day by thinking of breakfast foods that begin with the Ww sound. How many did you think of

Practice the Ww sound and some Ww words.

Did the Easter bunny fil your basket? If he did, I bet he left some Jelly beans. Count how many you have left. Sort them into color groups. How many groups/colors do you have? Which group/color has the most? Which has the least? Which color group wins? What's your favorite flavor jelly bean? Why? Mine are the black ones because they taste like licorice.

At lunch talk about our 🌎 earth. What's happening today? Why are we staying home so much? It's hard to understand all the changes we're having to face and adapt to. Gloves, masks, staying home and away from friends so much. With these changes we still need to remember and remind each other to take care of the earth, our air and water sources. If you wear gloves or masks ALWAYS throw them away in a trash can, NEVER on the ground. If you see them or other trash items on the ground DO NOT pick them up. Let an adult dispose of that in a safe way. Our earth need to know we care.

If you remember our morning assembly, you lead your stay at home crew through it; our prayer, the pledge, the song followed by the ABC song. Then SAY your abc's & count to 20. Tell everyone what Vowel Owl says and what the vowels are.

Do the Macarena months and the slow motion days of the week.

At rest watch a video of a rain shower or listen to the sounds of a rain shower CD. After rest draw an 🌂 and ⛈. Please post pictures of your drawings. I miss you all so much it hurts. We all miss you and being in the classroom.

Remember to thank an administrative professional, our Mrs. Elizabeth is remarkable. Send her a thank you then think of another and send them a thank you as well.

Call a hospital and leave a message of thanks and support for the Dr.'s, nurses, maintenance crew, security guards and hospital staff that go into work every day. Call your local police station to thank our law enforcement officers. They are also out there helping keep us safe from harm.

Keep your chin up moms and dads. I am in the classroom everyday with your babies and I love it, this staying home is beginning to get old fast but it's what we must do. I'd so much rather be spending my days with 12 energetic fantastic beautiful children then having to stay home. My stay at home crew is the best but I miss your babies. Remember they are watching and listening, they will take from this what we give them. If we give them chaos, they will be chaotic, if we give them anger, they will be angry, if we behave with confusion, they will be confused, if we give them love and security, they will feel loved, safe and secure. So as best you can, stick to a daily routine somewhere. Even if it's just rest time being the same time and place. Rest with them, always take time for yourself and everyone always, always be kind with your words and actions.

Till we meet again, much love

💗, Mrs. Charlotte

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