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Happy Monday, Perky Pelicans!

Good morning Perky Pelicans On this beautiful Monday we will begin to cover a letter weekly, recognizing numbers 1 to 20 ( counting 0 to 100), all colors and all shapes. The letter Ww will be our phonics focus for the week. We will continue to cover national celebrated days as well. So here we go ... Start with the Ww sound. Review it daily and often. Read a good book and do a Ww search on the pages when your finished reading. Count the Windows in your house. What shape are they, are any of them round? Our WOW word for the week is Patience and our story is "Little Boy Blue". Have an adult read it to you and discuss our WOW word. Practice Patence ALL week. Welder is our community helper. What does a welder do? What do they wear? Practice writing the letter Ww, make sure to use a good pencil grip. Write your name every day. And practice spelling it for your stay at home crew. Today's National Days are: - National garlic day - National hanging out day - national bicycle day - National humorous day - National pet owners day It's also Administrative professionals week Help an adult cook supper, add a little garlic. Ask if you have garlic at home. Is it a clove or powdered? How does it smell? Do you think it would taste good or bad? Hang out with your stay home crew and watch a good movie, maybe Ratatouille, does the chef use garlic to season the food? At rest was h a video on whales. Are they very big? Do they breath air like us? See what you can find out together Tell a few jokes at supper . Teach your stay at home crew my burping at the supper table game, but remember we only play it AT HOME. Not out at ANY restaurant, not even McDonald's. Loudest burger gets the . ( and only if your parents allow the game) Think about your pets, are they OK? If they are healthy happy pets then give yourself a pat on the back for being a great pet owner. Feed them and play with them every day. They need your attention to know they are loved. Finally it's administrative professionals day. Mrs. Elizabeth has been and continues to work hard to get us all back to school and in the class room. Its a endless job on top of taking care of her children and keeping up with their work from home. Let's give her a shout out of appreciation for keeping our ship afloat. Send her some bravos and cudos for being an awesome, strong, kind, patient leader. Keep your chin up parents, and pray we are nearing the home stretch. FYI adults only ... Today is National Amareto Day. Have a little over ice, it's quite yummy. ;) Till we meet again, socially distance hugs and kisses, love Mrs. Charlotte Seen by Kristina, Kellie, Stefanie Chat Conversation End

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