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Busy Bees Letter W week!

Hello Busy Bee Families!

I am missing all of my little busy bees so very much!

If you would like to follow along with what we would be doing if we were in school, I will be posting plans and ideas for the following weeks.

This week, our letter would have been "W"!

The letter W was originated in 1700!

Here are some ideas for celebrating the letter of the week!

- This week I encourage you all to "W"iggle! Have a wiggle party to celebrate!

- Have "W"atermelon for snack or lunch and "W"atch the birds outside.

- "W"alk around the neighborhood in a "w"agon and "w"ave at your neighbors!

- Celebrate "w"hisper "W"ednesday like we would at school. Try having a "w"hispering conversation with your family.

- Try to learn to "w"histle!

here is a link for you to watch a little video with the letter "W".

Have a "W"onderful "W"eek together!


Mrs. Kyndall

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